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Wilbur’s Signature Stories

Great Job.



Product or service reviewed: PTC unit

Seems to be working well (Installed a mini split system in a sun room). Andrew Bowers did a great job.



Product or service reviewed: HVAC and Plumbing (Water Heater)

There is no need to use a great many words. Wilbur Doonan and the associates in his organization are the best there is at what they do. They are honest, hard working, and very capable professionals. They have provided HVAC and Plumbing needs for us for several years. Always an absolute pleasure to work with on any project. Do yourself a favor. Call Wilbur's.
Gary Knight



Our first story is from a happy customer that was in an emergency situation… Mrs. Bates has been a customer since 1997 for both Plumbing and HVAC. We asked her to give us her story in her own words:

Wilbur’s has come to my rescue many times over the last ten years! Seems always in an emergency situation and their office staff and technicians step up to do whatever must be handled. They go above and beyond the obvious. I digress:

Memorial Day weekend of 2012 with temperatures over 100o, my heat pump quit working completely. Naturally, I was upset and in a quandary…so, I called Wilbur’s. Meagan quickly got a service tech, Terry, to come check things out. All warehouses were closed for the holiday… But Wilbur’s located me a new Carrier heat pump on Sunday and installed it on Memorial Day.

To show how they treat their customers, when temperatures went over 100o on a Sunday night, Meagan could not reach me via phone…so she called Police to check on me. Officer insisted I leave my home as conditions were dangerous due to extreme heat with no A/C.

How extra ordinary was the concern of Wilbur’s.

An aside.

Only this morning I had another great experience with Wilbur’s.

A commode in my guest bathroom over flowed and flooded the bathroom completely. Water, water everywhere. Before 7:00 A.M., I once again called Wilbur’s. I was assured, by Lacy, (they) would be there first call.

And I was.

John Michael and Darryl, technicians, arrived before 9:00 A.M. commode had to be replaced. Old one out new one in record time. They left my home at 10:30 A.M. And NO Mess in my home.

Albeit A/C problems, heating, or plumbing if you call Wilbur’s, I know you will recommend them as I do!


Dear Mr. Doonan,

My name is Wayne T******* & I recently needed the service of a good plumber at my home in Altadena Valley. Your company was recommended to me by a friend of my wife’s. I am writing you to let you know how glad I am that I called your company. The man that came to my house and performed all the necessary repairs was simply the best. His name is Michael Childers and I can honestly say he was not only highly skilled plumber, but a terrific representative of your company. He was prompt, very informative and courteous as one could be. I am 65 years old and believe me, you don’t get this kind of professionalism every day. I can’t tell you how impressed my wife and I were with Mr. Childers. I can assure you that you have all my future business and I will recommend you to all my friends.

Respectfully Yours,


I am a hard customer to please and I do not trust most people. But I must say that I respected Brad and thought he was honest. I like Wilbur’s and will use them in the future!


Product or service reviewed: AC

Cason is the nicest young man I have met in a quite some time and is very knowledgeable. I appreciate Wilbur’s sending such a caliber of a technician to my home to fix my AC.


We use Wilbur’s All the time! We LOVE Wilbur, Lacy and the Technicians that come to our home! I had an after hours call the other day & John Michael installed a Water Heater for us! He is Adorable & Very Good! I just LOVE Wilbur’s!


We had a good experience with Wilbur’s Air Conditioning Heating & Plumbing. We had them do all three units. We purchased the big deal for one of the units. The workers were very good. They were punctual and clean, they wore shoe protectors. They were very thorough and communicative in terms of what was good and what was bad. They did a good job.


Completely fixed the faucets on my tub that were leaking. Also cleaned the drains in the sink and tub. I bought some drain cleaner from him that is septic tank safe. He was prompt, very personable, very professional and did the job in good time. I would definitely recommend him to my friends.


Since we bought our house 2.5 years ago, we have had a few plumbing issues come up here and there. Each time a toilet would run on its own, or we’d discover a leak, we’d groan at the thought of how much it would cost to get a plumber in the door, much less how much it would cost to get the work done. When I saw that the $39 toilet tune-up included a home plumbing inspection, I leaped at the opportunity to get some things handled.

Michael and Rob arrived on time, with a phone call from the dispatcher ahead of time to let us know they were on their way.

Michael showed my 4 year old son how to put a dye tablet in the cistern of both toilets, then told him he’d need to go back in a few minutes to check and see if there was any blue water in the bowl. That would be a problem.

Meanwhile, he went through and checked out all the rest of the plumbing. Each time he found a minor issue, he recommended a low-cost solution – it was like having a visit from a plumbing coach!

This was a huge relief, particularly since we have had several bouts of below-freezing weather here, for which we are ill-prepared.

After the water in one of the toilets turned blue, much to my son’s delight, they replaced the flapper.

This was an excellent investment of $39 in plumbing that brought way more knowledge and peace of mind than I ever would have anticipated.


Came as promised. Very professional. Did a thorough examination of the system as to water pressure. Immediately determined the pressure valve to the house was defective. It was a problem we have had for many months; tremendous amount of air in the system. The heating system was examined thoroughly, revealing professional knowledge as to the system’s function. The problem was immediately apparent to the heating professional. He gave me a complete estimate of the total repair costs, with discounts for Angie’s list usage, with senior discount. The work was done by three who addressed the problems as professionals! Our water flow and heating have been dramatically improved. The workers were friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Would use them again if the need arises. Thanks to Angie’s list for having them available with recommendations.


Service was outstanding! John Michael was very helpful and informative. Prior to doing any work on my plumbing he explained to me what each particular job would cost. He was very efficient and has a solid work ethic. The job needed for my plumbing was done within a few hours. I will use Wilbur’s plumbing services again in the future.


They (2 person crew) did a good job and were done in less than 2 hours. They had all the parts needed on their truck. They were very professional and knew what they were doing. I saved money using a coupon on Angie’s list for this contractor. Before doing any work they told me what the price would be based on a price list that they use, they do not charge an hourly rate. My past experience with this kind of pricing is that you pay more than an hourly fee unless they have problems and it takes longer than expected. I would say they are expensive but all plumbers are. they knew what to do and fixed the problems.