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Preventative Maintenance (Pink Plan)

With regular maintenance you will prevent small problems from becoming big problems and ensure optimal performance of your comfort system. We also offer annual service agreements, which can reduce the cost of a Performance Tune-Up.

Regular maintenance will:

  • Provide longer lasting equipment
  • Reduce utility bills
  • Reduce repairs
  • Provide a more comfortable indoor environment
  • Protect your investment

What we do during a Performance Tune-Up:

Furnace or Boiler Service & Safety Inspection

  1. Inspect Makeup Air For Blockage & Location
  2. Inspect for Adequate Combustion Air
  3. Carbon Monoxide Reading in Living Area
  4. Inspect Vent System For:
    • Soot, Rust, Corrosion, Condensation
    • Deterioration of Exposed Vent Pipe, Flashing & Cap
    • Proper Clearance of Vent From Combustibles
    • Proper Sizing, Pitch & Run
    • Vent Condensation Cap & Drain
  5. Inspect Gas Piping For:
    • Code Cut Off Valve & Connectors
    • Adequate Pipe Supports / Stress Free Piping
  6. Inspect Electrical Wiring
  7. Inspect Burners & Pilot for Proper Alignment & Properly Adjusted Pilot Flame
  8. Inspect Furnace For:
    • Setting
    • Flame Roll Out
    • Improper Venting
    • Burners / Compartment
    • Overheating
    • Delayed Ignition
  9. Inspect Blower Door Interlock
  10. Inspect and/ or Adjust V belts and Pulleys
  11. Inspect and / or Adjust Primary Air Shutters
  12. Blower Motor and AMP Draw
  13. Hot Surface Igniter Resistance
  14. Thermostat: Level & Secure
  15. Inspected humidifier
  16. Cleaned / Wiped Down Accessible Parts: Furnace / Boiler
  17. Inspect the Expansion Tank
  18. Inspect The Water Feed Valve
  19. Check Aqua stat
  20. Check Boiler Pressure
  21. Check The high Limit
  22. Check and Test The Relief Valve
  23. Inspect the Flame Safety Controls
  24. Inspect the Low Water Cut off
  25. Is There A Backflow Devise?
  26. Inspect and Oil Pumps

Air Conditioning Service & Safety Inspection

  1. Test Thermostat
  2. Return Air Temp Check
  3. Inspect Blower
  4. Flush Drain Line
  5. Verify Good Air flow, Ck Rattles
  6. Refrigerant Check
  7. Suction Pressure Check
  8. Liquid / head Pressure Check
  9. Ambient Temperature Check
  10. Super Heat and Sub Cooling
  11. Compressor
  12. Fan Motor
  13. OHM Out Closed Contactor Contacts
  14. Checked Fan Motor For Oil Plugs, Pulled Top Oiled Motor Ports
  15. Checked Shaft Lateral Play & Ware
  16. Water Wash Out Door Coil
  17. Chem Wash Out door Coil
  18. Check Condenser
  19. Cycle T-Stat to Higher Temp To Provide Shut Down

Home Plumbing Inspection

  1. Inspect main water meter to home
  2. Perform Leak Test On Water Service
  3. Measure Water Pressure
  4. Inspect for Exterior Sewer Clean Out
  5. Inspect All Outside Hose Bibs for Leaks
  6. Inspect Water Heater, Combustion Compartment, Burners & Pilot Assembly. (gas only)
  7. Inspect Combustion Vent. (gas only)
  8. Elect Water Heater: Check Electrical
  9. Inspect Emergency Cut Off
  10. Inspect T&P valve for leaks
  11. Inspect Expansion Tank
  12. Visually inspect Sink Drains and P-Traps for corrosion
  13. Inspect all Supply Lines and Stops for Leaks
  14. Inspect Garbage Disposer Operation
  15. Inspect Ice Machine Supply Line
  16. Inspect Toilet Seal For Leaks
  17. Connections, AMP Draw on Elements____
  18. Die Test Toilets For Leaks
  19. Inspect Tank components to Ensure Proper Operation
  20. Inspect Lavatory For Leaks
  21. Inspect Tub & Shower Valve For Leaks
  22. Inspect Home Filtrations Filter.

Generator Maintenance

  1. Check Water Level in Battery
  2. Check Battery Volt
  3. Air Filter Clean
  4. Replace Air Filter
  5. Performed Complete Tune Up
  6. Check RPM Gerneration
  7. Test Transfer Switch
  8. Check Volts In, Volts Out
  9. Clean Contacts