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Financing at Wilbur’s is as easy as 1, 2, 3

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  2. Get approved
  3. Have your air conditioner and heating system installed

Financial companies have many different programs that have incentives, specials and deals that benefit you. If you have any questions, contact us today. We are waiting to help you find the right financial program that fits your needs.

Financing your New AC & Heating System

At Wilbur's Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we take pride in offering our customers the best air conditioning and heating service in Alabama. We know that when your system dies or breaks down its usually unexpected and the cost can be expensive. That is why we are proud to offer to finance for your new air conditioner and heating system or emergency repair.

Financing gives you options, like choosing a higher efficiency system. High-efficiency systems cost more than the traditional air conditioner and heating system but have many benefits. The biggest benefits of a high-efficiency system are the lower energy usage, the cost savings and the higher level of comfort. When taking advantage of the lower energy usage the decreased utility bills practically paid for the higher efficiency level. Between the cost saving and the higher level of comfort, Wilbur’s does its wall.

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  • A simple application process, and fast credit decisions
  • Unsecured, revolving credit lines
  • Promotional financing options1
  • Convenient monthly payment options
  • Online account management

Financing Helps You Get Your Air Conditioner and Heating System Back into Your Home

The summer months in Alabama are scorching hot and the winters, while not extreme, are very chilly. When your air conditioner dies or has an emergency breakdown it is usually during these two extreme seasons. Living without an air conditioning system can cause a serious problem to both your health and your home. Your air conditioning system controls your humidity and your air quality, without it your home becomes a seething pool for mold and mildew. These can damage your belongings, your home and your health. Mold and mildew can cause severe health problems like wheezing, coughing and itchy watery eyes. The wintertime can be harsh on your home and your health too. In the winter, not only could your pipes burst and you freeze but without an air conditioner and heating you could experience bloody noses, dry irritated skin and sleepless night. To sum it all up to go without an air conditioner and heating system is not an option. Financing allows you to get heating and cooling back into your home.

Financing Just Makes Sense

When you compare financing a new high-efficiency air conditioning heating system to repairing an older much less efficient system then financing really becomes the best financial option. Replacing an older unit with a new high-efficiency system means higher comfort levels, no more breakdowns, and less energy usage.

Different Financing Options

Wilbur offers many different programs to help you find the right financing that makes the most sense for you and your budget. Therefore financing is simple with Wilbur’s quick and easy application process. Apply today to get your financing approved and your HVAC installation in process.

Many times financing an air conditioning heating system makes more sense than paying for the system up front. By using Wilbur’s easy programs you can select an air conditioning heating comfort system that is super high efficiency with excellent indoor air comfort and quality. The best part is that a super high-efficiency comfort system saves you money every month on your energy bills. By using these energy savings you actually lower the cost of your heating and cooling system by letting the energy savings pay a part of the financing payment each month. After the financing is paid off, you still continue to enjoy energy savings every month!

Wilbur’s Finance Program

Choosing Wilbur's Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing for your new air conditioning heating system is the right choice and choosing to finance a high-efficiency comfort system is a wise choice. If you would like to begin using monthly energy savings to help pay for your new air conditioning heating system, then contact us to apply for our easy financing today.

Your new comfort system is a very important investment that can offer monthly energy savings for many years. It just makes sense to use the financing to get the highest efficiency air conditioning heating system available.

Financing Helps You Get the Air Conditioner and Heating System You Need

When your air conditioner and heating system dies or has an emergency repair, choosing to finance allows you to take advantage of a bad situation and get the system you need not just the one you can afford. If your home has rooms that run too hot or too cold, when your air conditioner and heating system dies is the perfect time to upgrade to a bigger system that ensure comfort throughout your home. When choosing financing options to become available to get consistent, reliable comfort back into your home.

Low Payments with Competitive Rates

Wilbur’s finance programs offer low monthly payments and competitive interest rates. There are many options available to match the perfect comfort system with your air conditioning and heating needs while staying within your monthly budget.

Alabama Power

  • Since 1906
  • Free to apply
  • Up to 25k in financing
  • Approve credit scores as low as 540
  • Simple Interest can be paid off anytime 
  • Can be added to your power bill
  • Application is good for 6 months 

If you have any questions, contact us today. We are waiting to help you find the right financial program that fits your needs.

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