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At Wilbur's Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we stress the importance of having a properly sized HVAC system for your property. However, this goes hand in hand with having properly functioning ductwork. 

Your ducts are responsible for circulating warm or cool air from your HVAC system into your home or commercial property. Wrong or insufficient ductwork could result in an improperly working air conditioner that is also more expensive to run. 

Rather than sacrificing your comfort, call our Birmingham duct repair and installation specialists. Our NATE-certified technicians will arrive on-time, perform a thorough inspection, and help you arrive at solutions that meet both your comfort needs and your budget. 

We provide all of our customers with upfront, honest pricing. And remember, if we won’t sell it to our own grandmothers, we certainly won’t sell it to you!

To schedule duct repair or installation services in Birmingham, call (205) 509-2139 or fill out our online request form.

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Ductwork Installation & Replacement

Ductwork does not last forever. This means if you live in an older property, your current ductwork may not be sufficient enough for your modern, highly efficient HVAC system. 

Additionally, as you continue to use your air conditioner and heating unit, the seams, seals, and joists begin to deteriorate and wear out.

Our Birmingham duct installation experts recommend replacing your ductwork if:

  • It is 15 years old or more
  • There is a musty scent or other foul odor whenever you turn your HVAC system on
  • You can observe that your ducts are crushed or damaged
  • Your home is severely dusty or you’re noticing that your allergy symptoms are worse
  • You cannot keep a certain room or area of your property at a desired temperature

Additionally, not all ductwork is going to be the same in every property. This is why it is important to hire professionals who know how to properly seal your ducts and who will ensure that there is proper insulation. 

At Wilbur's Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we won’t use a one-solution-fits-all approach to your ducts. Instead, we will ensure that they are installed to provide you with maximum efficiency and comfort.

Call (205) 509-2139 for expert duct repair and installation in Birmingham.

Air Filters

We strongly recommend that you purchase a filter prior to our visit to ensure you have the right size. We have partnered with Filter Fetch to ensure you get a quality filter. Upon arrival, we will be able to do our job very quickly as well, all to save you money! 

You can order the filters here: Find My Filter!

  • “Wilbur's has always taken care of me and treated me like family! I will always recommend Wilbur's to everyone I know!”

    - John B.
  • “Torrence and Matt were excellent at what they do and fixed our drains with great care and precision.”

    - Jennifer M.
  • “Thank you, Wilbur Air, for hiring people of such a high caliber.”

    - Patti H.

Signs You Have Insufficient Ductwork & Need Repairs

Have you been fighting with your thermostat only to remain flabbergasted that it’s near impossible to get your home to reach a desired temperature? This could be due to problems with your ductwork. Studies have shown that leaking ducts can result in as much as 30% of your air escaping through them. Not only that, but old, damaged, or improperly functioning ductwork can result in your HVAC system having to work harder to keep your property an even, desired temperature. This will cause your energy bills to skyrocket. This is why it’s important to know the signs it’s time for ductwork repairs.

Our Birmingham duct repair specialists recommend calling us when:

  • You have hot or cold spots: If you’ve noticed that certain rooms or areas in your property are too warm or cold despite your HVAC system running, it could be due to damaged ducts preventing proper airflow from reaching those rooms or areas.
  • You hear strange noises in your ducts: Whenever you run your air conditioner or heater, the air flows through your ductwork and causes it to expand and contract. This is why you might hear a faint popping sound whenever you first power on your HVAC unit. However, any other noises, such as loud banging or rattling, is a good indication that you have loose or damaged ductwork.
  • Your utility bills are higher: Whenever you have leaking ductwork, your HVAC system must draw more energy in order for it to adequately push the air throughout your property and reach the set temperature. This, in turn, results in increased energy costs.

If you have leaking ductwork, it’s vitally important that you get it repaired right away. These leaks make you susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning because they can bring in combustion gasses.

Our friendly technicians will inspect your ducts to determine the exact cause of the issue and then consult with you regarding our recommendations for repairs. We will never begin any work without your approval.

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