Are you tired of that noisy, moldy, unreliable air conditioning system breaking down? Is your system 10 years or older? Do you find that your home or office has high humidity or condensation around the windows? Are your utility bills constantly on the rise? Then it is time to replace your standard air conditioning and heating unit to a New High Efficiency system.

We are Wilbur’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing and your number one Bryant factory authorized dealer. We treat our customers like family and have been proudly serving the Birmingham, Alabama area since 1979. Read below to find just a few of the numerous benefits of a New High Efficiency system.

Benefits of a New High Efficiency System

Cost Savings: When you replace an older system for a new High Efficiency System you can save thousands of dollars. Many standard systems operate at an average of 8-10 SEER, leaving the remaining energy wasted. A high efficiency system averages at 20 SEER providing you with money in your pocket and a system that is paying for itself in a few years.

Peace and Quiet: High Efficiency systems have high-tech sound absorbing materials that make your system super quiet. This means you get a reliable air conditioning and heating system that is felt but not heard.

Better Air Flow: High Efficiency systems have variable speed blowers that ensure constant air flow, creating better regulated temperatures, removing air impurities and preventing mold.

Longer Operating Life: Because a high efficiency air conditioning and heating unit is made differently with a variable speed blower or fan it minimizes the on and off cycling which typically requires less repairs.

Better for the Environment: High efficiency air conditioning and heating systems typically use less fuel than your standard air conditioning and heating unit leaving less waste and better conservation for the environment. Reducing energy consumption lowers your carbon foot print and lowers our dependency on fossil fuels.

Wilbur’s Air Conditioning and Heating High Efficiency Installation

When choosing Wilbur’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing to install your new Bryant High Efficiency system you get experienced factory authorized installers with exceptional service. We offer a no credit check, hassle free financing option with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Don’t just restore your system with the status quo A/C unit invest in a new High Efficiency system and leave the rest to us.

Contact us today and schedule your new High Efficiency Air Conditioning and Heating System installation.
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