Common AC Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

AC problems

In the South, we absolutely rely on our air conditioning to keep us cool and our homes comfortable. This is especially true in the summer months. While fall is quickly approaching, it seems like we’ll need our AC for at least a few more months. Unfortunately, after months of constant use, your unit is more likely than ever to fail and have issues! We want to empower you to deal with the most common AC problems, especially because many of these can be solved by the average person!

Poor Indoor Air Quality

After months of using your AC, the air in your home may not seem as fresh. Remember that your home’s air is constantly being cycled through your air ducts. If you have dirty ducts or clogged up air filters, your air quality will suffer. It’s important to switch out air filters every month if possible. Most people have media air filters. You can buy these in multi-packs, so you’ll be ready for the next few months. Never let an air filter go more than three months without replacement because at that point they’re essentially useless as filters and actually harm your system’s airflow.

You can measure the level of contaminants in your air with simple equipment, but you probably can get a sense of your indoor air quality just from how the air in your home feels, especially to guests who aren’t used to the air in your home.

Your Home Takes Too Long to Reach the Thermostat’s Temperature

Your home is not a closed system. There are so many ways you can add energy and heat to your home without realizing it. This makes it harder for your system to cool effectively. Remember that the typical home AC can only reduce indoor temperatures by about 20 degrees. Every time you unknowingly heat up your home, you are working against your air conditioner’s ability to cool your home.

The two main examples we like to point out are cooking and sunlight. When you cook, you are adding heat and energy to the air. Remember to ventilate your cooking area, especially if you are boiling water since this can increase humidity beyond comfortable levels and make your home feel hotter than it actually is.

As for sunlight, be aware of the windows in your home and how they are allowing sunlight to heat up your space. This is especially common in the morning when your curtains may not be drawn. Luckily, just closing those curtains or blinds should make a huge difference.

Be‌ Energy-Efficient ‌with‌ Your ‌Thermostat‌ ‌

Ultimately, you interface most directly with your HVAC systems through the thermostat. You have the ability to control the temperature in your space. Luckily, this can empower you to make more energy-efficient choices to not only reduce your utility bill, but also reduce your carbon footprint. Both go hand in hand!

We recommend taking the guesswork out of things by installing a smart thermostat. It’s one of the easiest investments you can make in your home because you’ll save money in the long run and it will pay for itself within a matter of months. On top of that, these systems are user friendly and allow you greater customization, which ultimately leads to the most comfortable home for you and your family.

If you need plumbing help, call Wilbur’s AC, Heating & Plumbing at (205) 509-2139. You can also fill out an online contact form if that’s easier for you! We are taking every precaution to ensure we can service your plumbing safely during this time.

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