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One of the last things you want in either your home or business is leaking pipes. The water that’s escaping can do considerable damage to your property and possessions. That includes things like damage to your flooring, rugs and carpets, baseboards and sheetrock, and potentially, structural damage as well.

The Causes of Leaking and Burst Pipes

Any number of things can possibly cause pipes to begin leaking and possibly burst. In more northern areas of the country, freezing weather is a major cause, and that’s not unheard of even in our part of the country.

Other causes could include poor construction and plumbing installation, corrosion in galvanized pipes, hairline cracks and breaks in plastic pipes, hard water, abnormally high water pressure, and tree roots, plus years of rushing water moving through your plumbing system, can all lead to leaking pipes in home or business.

Signs of Leaking Pipes

Any of the following could indicate you have leaking pipes in your home or business, including:

  • Higher water bills
  • Puddles either inside or outside your home or business
  • Discolored water
  • Low water pressure
  • Any hissing or bubbling sounds
  • Mold or mildew growth
  • Damp spots in your carpeting
  • Overly lush spots of grass in your yard

Repair and Replacement of Leaking Pipes in Birmingham

If you find yourself dealing with a leaking pipe or pipes, there are emergency steps you can take to deal with the situation temporarily.

If you can locate the leak, you can wrap electrician’s tape around it and use hose clamps at each end of the tape to keep it tight. Or, you can get an emergency pipe sleeve at your local hardware store to place around the leak.

By far, however, your best response to leaking pipes in Birmingham is to contact the pipe repair and replacement experts at Wilbur’s.

When you call Wilbur’s for assistance, our plumbers will arrive promptly, and their truck will be stocked with the tools and supplies needed to locate the plumbing leak and provide the repairs you need.

Finally, we will always stand behind our pipe repair, replacement, and installation work. If you’re not satisfied, all you have to do is let us know, and we’ll keep working to make it right. That’s Wilbur’s guarantee.

If you have a water leak and need pipe repair or replacement services in Birmingham, always think pink, and call Wilbur’s today to schedule an appointment for repairs in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

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